Lisa Klein is an extraordinary speech therapist.  My son has been in speech therapy ever since he was two years old and has seen many therapists that were considered the best in the field.  About three years ago, when he turned 10, we stopped speech therapy.  He had made a lot of progress but still had what seemed like an endless way to go, but we felt it was a good idea for him to take a break.  Then, a few months ago, his pediatrician sent us to see Lisa to work on his articulation issues.  As soon as we met Lisa I knew it was going to be a completely different experience. 

Besides being so lovely and nurturing, she worked with him on his tongue placement in a way no other therapist ever had.  She observed him closely and worked actually inside his mouth with her fingers to show him where his tongue should be.  He was never showed this or taught this way before – it was always the same rote drills that he was bored of and only got him to a certain point in his articulation.  Most importantly, she noticed that his lingual frenulum (tongue tied) appeared to be tight and sent us to see an ENT specialist.  That specialist confirmed Lisa’s diagnosis, and Nate is now scheduled for surgery. 

Over all the past 11 years not one single doctor or speech therapist noticed this problem, so easy to fix, that would have helped our son so long ago.  The ENT specialist said this will make a massive difference in improving our son’s speech!  We are so thankful to Lisa for noticing this – if she hadn’t, he would have never been able to get any further on his articulation then he is today.  We are just sorry we hadn’t found her earlier.

Lisa is truly unlike any speech therapist we have seen in 11 years.  She is smart, kind and so nice to be around, our son actually looks forward to see her! Our family trusts and loves Lisa!