Lisa Klein is a brilliant, generous and thoughtful human being. As an SLP, she is dedicated, innovative and tireless in her efforts to improve her clients’ ability to express themselves. Her devotion to her clients is paramount and her discipline as an apraxia specialist is admirable. She is continually educating herself on the cutting edge developments/methods to treat various speech disorders. 

My 2.5 yr old daughter has Childhood Apraxia of Speech and upon first seeing Lisa, had only 8 words. After five months of therapy with Lisa, my daughter is nothing short of a little chatterbox, with a word count 75+. Her sessions with Lisa are, in my opinion, the secret to her success. Lisa tailors each session to the child, meeting them where they are at and inspiring excellence in their performance. Unlike, other SLPs we have worked with, she integrates unique rewards/opportunities that specifically motivate my daughter, making speech therapy more fun and satisfying as a whole. For instance, my daughter is a huge fan of Minnie Mouse. Noting this, Lisa got assimilated Minnie Mouse pictures and toys into the therapy to further interest my daughter. In other Speech Therapy practices, I’ve found that SLPs stick to a sort of “routine”, utilizing the same tools for every child. Lisa truly customizes her sessions, targeting each child’s specific motivators and engaging them to the fullest. 

Lisa has gone above and beyond to comfort and educate us as a family as well. She is always there when we’ve needed professional advice or guidance. She is knowledgeable in so many areas and can offer insight into many of the obstacles that face kiddos struggling with speech. I’ve seen such an amazing transformation in my daughter’s ability to communicate since we started with Lisa. I credit Lisa for giving my beautiful daughter a voice in this World. To me, Lisa is a guardian angel of sorts, providing my daughter with the tools and knowledge she needs to harness not just her voice, but also her burgeoning sense of self.