26 Yr Old Woman, Post Traumatic Brain Injury

Lisa Klein not only helped me regain my speech, but she helped me get my life back. She is truly an incredible person and the most amazing SLP!

After a severe head injury, I developed a functional movement disorder that completely impaired my speech and ability to communicate with others around me. It was absolutely terrifying. In just a few sessions, I went from not being able to form any words, to almost 90% recovery. It was truly amazing and left my whole family in awe.

She is knowledgeable beyond belief, but even more so, she listens to you and she cares. The time and effort she gives her patients is extraordinary and rare to find. I had an interview for a pre-medical program and before my interview she took the time to help me prepare, gave me the tools I need to speak clearly and eloquently, and set me up for success. She has made the most tremendous impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her! I cannot recommend her enough!!