The Importance of Play

What is play? Play can be shaking a rattle for a 4-month-old, drawing on a chalkboard for a 3-year-old, or playing a board game for a 7-year-old. The characteristics of play include “voluntary,” “intrinsically motivated,” and “fun” 1. At the core of the motivation for play is the ability to be playful or to have […]

Tummy Time Basics

I’ve been in the field for ten years, and every treatment session, I work on tummy time, whether my client is a newborn or five years old. Tummy time is essential because it is the foundation of gross motor development and plays a huge role in fine motor, oral motor, and visual-motor skills. Additionally, it […]

“Picky Eater”: Sensory Feeding Disorder or Oral Motor Deficit?

A “picky eater” can create stress during meal times, dismantling the caregiver’s and child’s trusting feeding relationship. When a child is consistently refusing foods, reluctant with new foods, or has dietary deficiencies due to a limited diet, it is essential to consult with a Speech-Language Pathologist who can properly evaluate, diagnose, and implement strategies to […]


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