Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) helps improve and achieve independence in gross motor activities. Our physical therapists help build muscle strength, coordination, balance, and overall health through play-based care.

Physical therapy can also support patients who recently suffered injury or have undergone surgery by working with the patient to restore maximum function and range of motion.

Your child may benefit from physical therapy if:

  • They are not meeting expected developmental milestones (i.e., rolling, sitting, standing, walking).
  • They experienced injury and can no longer perform at their previous level of function.
  • They favor turning their head to one side. 
  • They prefer using one side of their body.
  • They walk in an atypical/awkward manner.
  • They have difficulty keeping up with their peers during play.
  • They cannot perform the same gross motor tasks (i.e., hopping, jumping, skipping) as their peers.
  • They frequently lose their balance.
  • They complain of pain when performing gross motor tasks.
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